GCFP: A Standard for the Counter Bribery and Corruption Professional

27 May 2023 12:25 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The Public Sector Fraud Authority has published its Standard for the Counter Bribery and Corruption Professional which contains the agreed professional standards and guidance for countering fraud and corruption in central government. The Standard is part of the wider government counter fraud standards and guidance, which cover all the core disciplines and sub disciplines in the Government Counter Fraud Framework. The counter fraud professional standards and guidance are designed to present a consistent cross government approach to countering fraud; raise the capability of individuals and, through this, increase the quality of organisations' counter fraud work.

The aim is to:

1. To describe the knowledge skills and experience (professional standards and competencies) needed for an individual to achieve practitioner level in counter fraud work in their desired discipline. The document provides direction to competency frameworks which outline how someone can progress to this standard.

1. To provide guidance to those using the standards on the processes and products they will use to deliver the discipline and what they should seek to put in place in the organisation to deliver the discipline effectively.

The "Organisation Guidance" can also be used to consider what should be in place in an organisation to be using this sub discipline effectively. The extent to which central government bodies use this standard will vary and depend on their assessment of the risk of bribery and corruption in their field and their investment in counter bribery and corruption activities.

These standards form the basis of the bribery and corruption sub discipline that is being established within government. To be acknowledged as a counter fraud professional these standards will have to be met. Guidance is being developed and will be made available on Civil Service Learning Counter Fraud pages regarding how to be recognised as a member of the Government Counter Fraud Profession.


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