Our Mission Statement

The aim of the Midlands Fraud Forum is to provide an industry led initiative involving public and private sectors to reduce fraud by:

  • Increasing awareness of fraud
  • Communicating the risk
  • Promoting best practice in countering fraud
How will we do this?

We will fulfil our mission statement through the development and delivery of:
  • Education strategy
  • Media Strategy
  • Funding Strategy
  • Networking / Membership Structure

Our Purpose

  • To bring the public and private sectors together to fight fraud and financial crime and to protect the economy of the Midlands region.
  • To promote fraud awareness amongst its membership and organisations throughout the region.
  • To create good practice antifraud cultures by encouraging and developing antifraud strategies for its membership to utilise.
  • To establish a best practice between its members for fraud prevention, investigation and detection.
  • To help protect, stimulate and encourage business growth in the region.

Our Objectives

  • To help reduce fraud in the region.
  • To provide a discussion forum for members and similar minded organisations within the United Kingdom and overseas.
  • To promote an open and co-operative environment between the membership in both the public and private sectors.
  • To encourage the recruitment of new members throughout the region.
  • To establish sound working relationships with similar fraud forums in the UK and overseas.
  • To formulate strategic alliances by collaboration with relative consumer, law enforcement, regulatory and charitable bodies.
  • To identify fraud risks and define fraud methods to promote awareness and shared good practice to enable the membership to manage fraud effectively.
  • To organise conferences, seminars or masterclasses on subjects relating to its objects in the fight against fraudulent actions.
  • To develop and deliver a recognised training programme to assist members in their management of antifraud strategies and development of fraud risk management controls for the benefit of the membership.
  • To identify fraud management opportunities with the emphasis on prevention and thereby promote developments and research by seeking to arrange the publication of the results of any antifraud strategies.
  • To provide the opportunity through feedback and surveys to assess the general effectiveness of the Midlands Fraud Forum initiatives.
  • To seek to provide support and input to effective protective legislation and ensure the promotion and adoption of security recommendations.
  • Act as the common example for similar initiatives across the UK and overseas.

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