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We have heard in previous webinars about the ways in which technology is playing a crucial role in transforming the ways security is delivered. Also, we have heard about ways in which technologies are being under used or deployed badly. It seems some technologies are being mis sold in that the ways they can help tackle Covid-19 are being overstated. How can you identify the wood from the trees in this area? In this webinar we look critically at how technologies are helping and hindering security in this pandemic.

  • What types of technologies (rather than specific brands/models) are making a difference and how?
  • What are we learning about the ways in which technologies are being used/misused?
  • In what ways are our understanding of the interaction between humans and technologies being enhanced?

Mark Schreiber CPP CPD – President, Principal Consultant at Safeguards Consulting (US)
Dan Rothrock – President of Security & Safety, Americas at Zenitel (US)
Tommy Hansen – Security Advisor, Board Member at ASIS Norway
Leonard Ong – Group CISO at Fullerton Health (Singapore)

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Previous webinars have painted a mixed picture on relationships between the private security sector and the police. Corporate security teams and private security suppliers can often point to examples of good practices, but there are many that are not so good. In any event, it begs the question, what would the ideal partnership look like? In what ways can and does and should private security support different types of law enforcement? Should private security contribute to funding public policing? Are there any offence types or areas of activity that can best be left to private security? If not, why not? If so, what does this then say about the role of the police? Can private security ever be properly impartial? What difference has Covid-19 made?

  • What does the optimal relationship between the police and private security look like?
  • Can and should private security (corporate teams and suppliers) ever replace public law enforcement?
  • What needs to change, post Covid-19, to optimise the public benefits of collaboration?

Phil Stenning – Adjunct Professor at Griffith Criminology Institute Griffith University (Australia)
Dave Dodge – Enterprise Security Risk Management, Business Continuity and Resilience Specialist (South Africa)
Steven Gardner - Head of Security at OCS Group (UK)

Please feel free to invite your colleagues

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Thought Leadership Webinar Supporters



HomeA New Model for Tackling

Cyber-Enabled Fraud

06 July 2020, 12:00

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RUSI and Standard Chartered are pleased to present a webinar to discuss collaborative models for law enforcement and financial institutions to tackle cyber fraud.

We've added a number of new webinars and podcasts to our calendar, please find details below. Each webinar is delivered by industry experts who will provide insight on the latest developments in the sector. 

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Free Webinar: Next Steps for Financial Services

Wednesdays and Thursdays (June - July) | Time: 12:00 - 12:45

Our latest webinar series is a mixture of ‘Talking Heads’ sessions with industry leaders and thought-provoking policy deep-dives. Upcoming guests include John Glen MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Andy Haldane, Chief Economist at the Bank of England, and David Duffy, CEO of Virgin Money, who will join us in conversation to discuss a range of topics to include digital innovation, leadership in a pandemic, and the importance of regional infrastructure and local networks.


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Free Webinar: Using Technology to Enable those with ‘Thin-Credit’ Files to get Access to Critical Financial Services

30 June | Time: 11:00 - 12:00

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven the issue of how to digitally on-board new customers to the front of many financial institutions’ agendas. With many individuals and businesses experiencing financial difficulty the need to board new customers in an efficient and empathetic manner has never been more important. In this webinar, Synectics Solutions and UK Finance will be joined by Gareth Narinesingh, Commercial Director of the ethical digital identity provider, Yoti, to explore how banks can digitally verify traditionally thin-file customers in today’s fast-paced tumultuous regulatory and economic landscape.

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Free Webinar Series: Climate Action, Green Finance and Sustainability

1 July - 20 October | 13:30 - 14:30

This webinar series in partnership with the Bank of England will provide an opportunity for members and others to hear from people playing a leading role in the design of the greening of finance as we look ahead to the UK, in partnership with Italy, hosting COP 26 in November 2021. In our first episode, Sarah Breeden, Executive Director, Bank of England will set out how the financial sectors’ response to climate change must move from rhetoric to action. 

  • 1 July  (1.30pm) | Building Resiliency: Climate Action in the Financial Sector
  • 8 September (12pm) | ​Banking on a Just Transition
  • ​22 September (12pm) | Strategic Planning - Building in Sustainability Risk and Solutions Monitoring
  • 20 October (12pm) | ​Green Finance – Practical Steps to Unlocking the Opportunity

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Free Webinar: Navigating to the New Normal: Resilience During Covid-19 and Beyond

2 July | 16:00 - 17:00

Regulators have made it clear that operational resilience is as important as financial resilience. But now there are a host of new challenges as a result of Covid-19 that have refocused efforts on the importance of building resilient organisations. Financial services need to deliver the outcomes that customers expect in an uncertain world. This will mean resilient and adaptive services to customers as well as providing safe and productive work environments for their employees. This webinar, in partnership with PA Consulting, will discuss the new processes that organisations should adapt going forward. We believe resilience and adaptability are not alternative choices – navigating to your new reality will require you to be both.

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Free Webinar: Strong Customer Authentication - 3DS Implementation Approach

8 July | 15:00 - 16:00

For card payments, the technology to support the new Strong Customer Authentication requirements is called 3DSecure (3DS). 3DS has recently gone through a significant revolution to support the digital world developing today. During this webinar we will explore the various versions of 3DSecure and their features, review the use of EMV 3DS to authenticate online payments across devices, and address the implementation and testing considerations, particularly for e-Merchants. The webinar, in partnership with RSA, will cover other aspects linked to 3DSecure such as the shopping cart customer experience and the use of SCA exemptions. 

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UK Finance has run a number of SCA webinars recently, these can be viewed on demand in our Past Webinars section.



Free Webinar: Pride and Productivity - How Employee Engagement and Productivity Have Changed Since the Global Pandemic Period

14 July | 11:00 - 12:00

In only a few months this global pandemic has changed our lives in ways we have never seen before. During this crisis we are seeing a renewed focus on the role of employers in society. Being the best employer is now more important than ever. The seismic shifts precipitated by Covid-19 are unlikely to go any time soon. Employees working from home is the new normal and yet workers need to remain productive and engaged as all business and public sector organisations struggle to adapt to these challenges. This webinar, in partnership with Citrix, will cover how much employer and employee perceptions have shifted in their attitudes to the productivity and the workplace.

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Free Webinar Series: Regulatory Roadmap

1 - 17 September | 12:00 - 13:00

To support the industry with its restart agenda, the Regulatory Roadmap series is a structured programme of highly interactive, online technical briefings that will help firms adapt to rapid change in a constantly evolving regulatory landscape. Launching on 1 September, the webinar series will be highly specialised with focused technical content our members need to understand specific regulatory topics. To ensure they are timely and relevant, content is being designed in consultation with member groups and policy experts. Topics being discussed at this early stage include Confirmation of Payee, Basel 3.1, and LIBOR. If you would like to attend, click the Book Now button to register your interest and we’ll be back in touch when the full schedule is released.

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The Learning Hub by Unicorn an Access Group Company

The Learning Hub gives you and your staff access to an extensive library of learning content and tools to help your employees understand their obligations under the relevant pieces of legislation and regulation. The latest courses added to the Hub include:

  • New - Business Resilience course bundle - this content has been carefully selected to support individuals as they navigate the changing working environment. We are in the process of adding nearly 20 other titles to this, plus three brand new post Covid-19 courses.
  • Launching This Month - Advice Matters launches later this month on the Learning Hub. Advice Matters provides 6 hours CPD per year towards your agreed target. With up-to-date regulatory and technical knowledge, Advice Matters can positively impact your ability to do your job.
  • Coming Soon - Mortgage and Home Finance Suite will be updated to include learning reinforcement / refresher videos, view the blog.


Learn more about the Learning Hub



New: Future of Finance Podcast Series

New in June | On demand

The first podcast in our Future of Finance series is now live. Technology is transforming all aspects of financial services, including how firms interact with their customers, develop new business models, and how they enable their staff. In this first episode we are joined by speakers from Avanade and Microsoft to explore how technology is transforming the workplace and the workforce. These topics will be discussed at our free virtual Digital Innovation Summit in November.

Listen here

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