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  • 24 Dec 2017 9:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Law Commission Chair Sir David Bean said “The past year has been a very successful one for the Commission with four more of our recommendations reaching the statute book. Our 13th Programme consultation – with some 1,300 responses – has also clearly demonstrated the public’s continued appetite for law reform. Despite operating in uncertain times with significant budgetary pressure, we will build on this enthusiasm to continue making the law simple, modern and fair.”

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  • 30 Nov 2017 12:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Financial fraud is now the most common crime in Britain, perpetrated in enormous numbers by organised criminals both domestic and international. It hits every part of society, but with most fraud now experienced online, younger generations – digital natives who are most likely to use the internet for banking, shopping and to share their details online – are now the most vulnerable. The threat includes criminals illegally accessing personal accounts and cards to steal money, as well as the subtler problem of scams, where the victim makes a payment under false pretences.

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  • 19 Nov 2017 3:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This report shows that there are clear differences in the strengths and risks of fraud in the different sectors of the UK economy. The thin resources of the state dedicated to fighting fraud means for most organisations and individuals the best they can do is protect themselves. Investing in the appropriate strategies to increase their resilience to fraud is the most effective way to reduce the risk of fraud. This year’s report highlights how the continued growth of procurement fraud remains a problem for many businesses. Most often it is the employees who are instrumental in procurement fraud and therefore vigilance and appropriately vetting staff should be a high priority for all businesses

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  • 12 Nov 2017 1:55 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    APP scams are a crime that can have a devastating effect on the victims. They are the second biggest type of payment fraud now reported by UK Finance, in both the number and total value involved (behind card fraud). Push payments are payments where payment service providers (PSPs), which include banks, are instructed to transfer money from a customer’s account to another account. It is an ‘authorised’ push payment when the customer gives their consent for the payment to be made – this can include situations where the customer has been tricked into giving that consent

  • 29 Oct 2017 11:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Cisco’s 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report finds 90% of security professionals invest in cyber defences after a data breach, and although the investment is ultimately worthwhile, one has to wonder if more organisations would be able to mitigate attacks if they’d acted proactively. The report states that “the aftermath of a data breach is a learning opportunity”, but with cyber-attacks usually costing organisations huge sums of money, they are expensive lessons.

  • 05 Oct 2017 9:04 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The National Cyber Security Centre celebrates its first anniversary of operations and the Annual Review shines a light on the work it has done to make the UK the safest place to live and work online. The NCSC, a part of GCHQ, has much work still to be done but in its first 12 months the organisation has prevented thousands of attacks, provided support for the UK Armed Forces and has managed the UK's response to hundreds of incidents

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  • 29 Sep 2017 3:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The 2017 Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (IOCTA) reports how cybercrime continues to grow and evolve. While many aspects of cybercrime are firmly established, other areas of cybercrime have witnessed a striking upsurge in activity, including attacks on an unprecedented scale, as cybercrime continues to take new forms and new directions. A handful of cyber-attacks have caused widespread public concern but only represented a small sample of the wide array of cyber threats now faced.

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  • 25 Sep 2017 11:42 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Government guidance for the corporate offences of failure to prevent the criminal facilitation of tax evasion.

    The Government believes that relevant bodies should be criminally liable where they fail to prevent those who act for, or on their behalf from criminally facilitating tax evasion. The new offences will be committed where a relevant body fails to prevent an associated person criminally facilitating the evasion of a tax, and this will be the case whether the tax evaded is owed in the UK or in a foreign country.

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  • 21 Sep 2017 12:23 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dealing with fraud across the public sector is an important part of effective Government. It is important and right that Government takes fraud, and the risk of fraud, seriously and strives to improve its approach. This Government’s ambition is for the UK public sector to be one of the leading countries in both identifying and dealing with fraud loss and risk. The Cabinet Office is bringing government together to move on this agenda.

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  • 10 Sep 2017 6:38 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Intellectual Property (IP) crime and enforcement report 2016 to 2017 highlights current and emerging threats surrounding counterfeiting and piracy, including those conducted online. The report also contains statistical data and enforcement activities from UK law enforcement agencies including Police, Trading Standards and Customs along with industry bodies.

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