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  • 21 Jun 2020 9:11 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Cyber criminals have launched a new phishing scam designed to steal personal and financial details of millions of self-employed workers using the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) during the Covid-19 outbreak.


  • 21 Jun 2020 9:10 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Spoof government coronavirus apps are popping up all over the world, says the Anomali Threat Research team


  • 15 Jun 2020 12:33 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Fraud related to ‘connected’ cars, which can access the internet, nearly doubled from 2018 to 2019, data shows.


  • 15 Jun 2020 11:51 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Covid-19 cyber security threats are evolving over the course of the pandemic, becoming more targeted to virus hotspots such as the UK


  • 15 Jun 2020 10:44 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    A gang demanded an £800,000 Bitcoin ransom in a cyber attack on a firm owned by Kent County Council, and leaked its data on the dark web.


  • 15 Jun 2020 10:44 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    61% of UK independent schools have been targeted by cybercriminals in the last five years


  • 15 Jun 2020 10:37 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Suddenly an enemy burst through a window. Abdelrhman swung round to face the soldier and save his team. He lined up his sights for a fatal shot and squeezed the trigger but… his screen went black. His computer had silently and suddenly shut itself down without warning. Abdelrhman was confused. The game he was playing had never caused problems before.


  • 15 Jun 2020 10:36 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    On top of everything else, add cybersecurity threats to the list of things the UK's National Health Service (NHS) has had to contend with during the coronavirus pandemic. In an interview with the Cheltenham Science Festival, Jeremy Fleming, the head of the country’s GCHQ security and intelligence agency, said hackers have repeatedly targeted the healthcare system since the start of the outbreak.


  • 15 Jun 2020 9:35 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Comparitech’s Bob Diachenko wanted to find out how long it would take for hackers to find and attack an unsecured, public internet-facing database, so he set up a honeypot



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