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  • 22 Mar 2013 1:35 PM | Deleted user

    A new government initiative has the potential to rob the criminal bar of its two remaining draws: independence and glamour.

    /A new government initiative has the potential to rob the criminal bar of its two remaining draws: independence and glamour.

  • 20 Mar 2013 1:37 PM | Deleted user

    Law firms are rallying around a campaign to warn the government that 100,000 jobs across the legal services industry will be lost over the next year as a result of its "savage" civil justice reforms. 


  • 20 Mar 2013 1:36 PM | Deleted user

    The poll of 300 firm leaders by Liverpool firm O’Connors found the vast majority of respondents believed that planned changes to civil justice would reduce their profits. 


  • 18 Mar 2013 1:42 PM | Deleted user

    The Law Society has set up a dedicated website to help solicitors and trainees worried about the viability of their firms, after radical changes to the legal services market claimed another high-profile casualty. 


  • 15 Mar 2013 1:53 PM | Deleted user

    December 2012, the independent fraud watchdog the Fraud Advisory Panel commented that the legal system in the UK was effectively fighting fraud with one hand tied behind its back by under-valuing and under-utilising the civil remedies that are available to victims of fraud.


  • 15 Mar 2013 1:52 PM | Deleted user

    Legal services across the UK hold the key to boosting global economic growth, Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said in a speech to international legal practitioners. 


  • 15 Mar 2013 1:51 PM | Deleted user

    The number of qualified solicitors in private practice fell last year for the first time since records began. A new legal service market assessment by the Law Society also warned that a small number of successful alternative business structures (ABSs) could radically reshape the market for high street legal services, leading many law firms to close. 


  • 15 Mar 2013 1:50 PM | Deleted user

    Blakemores – which was suddenly closed on Monday – said the firm was almost saved by its consumer-facing Lawyers2you brand but succumbed to a string of financial blows. 


  • 15 Mar 2013 1:49 PM | Deleted user

    Desperate solicitors are pillaging their VAT receipts, inner circles of managers are sitting on bad financial results, and firms are borrowing heavily to maintain drawings, according to a bleak risk assessment by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). 


  • 15 Mar 2013 1:47 PM | Deleted user

    Midlands-based Wright Hassall is the latest firm to be granted an ABS licence, as the number of organisations moving away from traditional legal services structures continues to grow.



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