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  • 30 Mar 2019 8:11 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    The City of London Police’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) raided premises in Manchester on Thursday 14 March, with 277,000 pairs of shoes being found in one warehouse alone.


  • 03 Mar 2019 11:57 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    €5 million worth of Dove, Head & Shoulders and Pantene was likely on its way to Europe from China via Latin America, says OLAF.


  • 03 Mar 2019 11:43 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    A property solicitor who forged a Land Registry document as part of a dispute with a business partner has been jailed along with her husband.


  • 18 Feb 2019 11:14 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Although counterfeiting is not new, the sale of ‘fake’ goods is increasing, which is unsurprising given the digital age in which we live in, whereby image is everything. With a growing desire for high-end goods at a fraction of the price, from clothing to electrical goods and everything in between, knowing what is real and what is fake is becoming much harder to differentiate.


  • 18 Feb 2019 9:39 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    If you follow our blog, you’ll know that at TrustID, we’re really keen on gathering and analysing data around document checks, including trends across different industries and fraudulent document types. With another year of data captured, in this blog, we summarise our annual findings for 2018 and compare them with trends from 2017.


  • 10 Feb 2019 10:50 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Officers from the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) at the City of London Police are warning Valentines shoppers to avoid counterfeit products after over 500 items were seized in a recent raid.


  • 04 Feb 2019 10:52 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    Millions of cheap, illegal cigarettes flooding the UK market are costing the UK economy more than £2bn a year in unpaid duty.


  • 04 Feb 2019 10:51 AM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    An investigation has been launched into the supply of fake cigarettes in Handsworth as it was revealed £8,000 worth of smuggled and counterfeit goods were seized from the back of a white Transit.


  • 13 Jan 2019 11:09 PM | Jo Buckley (Administrator)

    The counterfeit shoes were seized from Hanley's Sunday Market, Staffordshire Police said.



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